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The primary purpose of special education law is to protect the educational rights of school aged children with disabilities.  Every child with disability is entitled to FAPE (free appropriate public education) which includes individualized education program and related services designed to meet the child’s individual educational needs.  The special education law provides certain rights for the disabled child and the parent and requires that school systems comply with certain procedural and substantive mandates. 

Accurate understanding of the special education law is essential to the effective advocacy of children with special education needs. Under the law, parents of a child with special education needs are an integral part of the team that makes determinations regarding all aspects of the child’s individualized education program, including evaluation, related services, and school placement.  As such, they should play an active role in all process of the decision making to ensure the child’s success at school.

Dr. Han’s law practice is dedicated to advancing the special education law and empowering children with disabilities and their families to play the main role in obtaining the education they need.   She understands that a disabled child's educational issues are often intertwined with other factors, such as health, family, and social challenges, and thus tailors each child's educational goals in ways that fit the whole picture.   Dr. Han's personal commitment to the field, intimate communications with her clients, and unique ability to identify and focus on the “real” issues for each individual client are the driving force to the successful outcomes.

Special Education Law

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