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The primary purpose of dental malpractice law is to protect patients from substandard dental care and to compensate them for injuries sustained as a result of substandard care.  Dentists are required to exercise the degree of care, skill, and diligence which is expected of a reasonably competent dentist in the same or similar class to which they belong, acting in the same or similar circumstances. Dentists are liable to their patient for damages when they breach the standard of care and cause injury to the patient. 

Dental malpractice cases are complex, involving dental, legal, and ethical issues.  Patients who feel something went wrong and are dissatisfied with the treatment outcomes may not always have a valid legal claim.  The key questions are whether: (1) there has been a violation of the standard of care required under the law; and (2) that violation is a proximate cause of the patient’s injury.  The victim of dentist’s substandard care is entitled to remedies.

Dr. Han’s law practice is dedicated to upholding proper standard of care and advocating for unjustly injured patients.  With her dental and legal backgrounds, Dr. Han is uniquely qualified to identify the merits of potential dental malpractice claims.  Her dental and legal expertise allows her to accurately interpret the facts of the case in legal terms and to effectively build the case to achieve successful outcomes.

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